The Fitbit Versa Smart Watch – The Best Smart Watch For Women?

Let’s talk about the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch and see if it is indeed the best smart watch for women. FItbits second smart watch and has been considered a genuine competitor of the Apple Watch 3, even though the cost is quite lower than the Apple Watch 3.Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

First of all, Fitbits first smart watch was, of course, the Fitbit Ionic. From a woman’s point of view, this was somewhat of a disappointment. Yes, ladies, the Fitbit Ionic was not the most beautiful smart watch in the world to say the least. That boxy looking eyesore simply did not cut it for us at Fit Watches For Women, although it did have the full-blown GPS feature, which, by the way, the Versa does not. But, I think we can live with that considering all the other great features.

So, let’s dig in shall we?

About The Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

As mentioned before, the Fitbit Versa does not have the built in GPS. This basically means that if you want to monitor or track your route for running, you will need to take your phone with you as well.

Technically this may appear to be a big deal, it is a reason the Versa costs less than the Ionic. But, if this is not a requirement for your particular fitness needs, I would highly recommend this Smartwatch.

The Fitbit Versa has enough on board storage for more than 300 or so of your favorite music tracks, which can be played through Bluetooth headphones. You can download stations from Pandora or playlists from Deezer. This allows one to go phone-free in your favorite gym. This is definitely a nice benefit. Some other awesome features include:

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

  • All day activity tracking
  • 24/7 heart rate and sleep stages
  • 4+ day battery life
  • 15+ exercise modes like run or swim
  • water resistant to 50 meters
  • records workouts
  • connects to smartphone GPS for more precise real-time pace and distance.

Yes, folks the Fitbit Versa is water resistant up to 50 meters. This is a real plus! Plus the extended battery life is a real advantage over the Apple Watch 3 which many customers claim lasts for about 36 hours. Plus some reviewers who had owned the Apple Watch 3 stated they did not use many of the features that the Apple Watch 3 has. These other features may be the reason why the Apple watch 3 is about double the price of the Fitbit Versa.

Who Is The Fitbit Versa Smart Watch For?

The Fitbit Versa is really for someone who wants the best of both worlds. What do I mean by the best of both worlds?

Well, typically a fitness tracker’s main function is to, of course, monitor your fitness. They focus on your steps, monitor your heart rate, monitor your sleep, calories burned and, in the case of the Fitbit versa, female health tracking. Basically, they encourage you to be healthier and do more each and every day.

On the other hand, a smart watch has the ability to put phone functions on your wrist. You can see call, text or calendar notifications right on the screen and get push notifications from many apps. Plus, it is for the person who loves to listen to their favorite tunes on the run.

Many smartwatches lack many of the features you would see on a typical fitness tracker. But not the Versa. It has all the great features of a fitness tracker plus the features you would like to see on a smartwatch as well. Not to mention the fact that the person who wants to monitor their swimming can do so, up to 50 meters.

Another awesome feature that a lot of smartwatches lack is the extended battery life. Most smart watches have to be charged every day. With the Fitbit Versa, the battery can last up to 4 plus days in a single charge!

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Features

This smart watch is absolutely loaded with features. As mentioned above, many smart watches lack many of the features you would see in a typical fitness tracker and many women do not want to give these features up to get the other awesome benefits of a smart watch.

That being said lets take a look at just of few of these features along with their appropriate descriptions. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Onscreen Workouts

These are personal onscreen workouts that play right on your wrist. They coach you through each and every move and adapt based on your personal feedback.

Bluetooth Capabilities

You can connect to Bluetooth wireless headphones and listen to your favorite music. Completely wireless. How awesome is that?

4 + Day Battery Life

With this feature, you can track morning, night and in between activities.

15+ Exercise Modes

Track specific workouts in modes like Run, Bike or Weights to see real-time stats on screen & get post-workout summaries.

Female Health

This allows you to use the Versa along with the Fitbit app to log your period, record the symptoms and then compare your cycle against other health statistics like activity, weight and sleep.

Swimproof & Tracks Swims

This is an awesome feature that gives you the ability to wear your Fitbit in the pool or rain. It also tracks your swimming laps, swimming duration and calories burned during your swim workouts.

Smartphone Notifications

See call, text or calendar notifications on screen & get push notifications from your favorite apps. Available when your phone is nearby.

Other features include:

  • Customizable clock faces
  • Lightweight design
  • Connected GPS
  • Many Apps available
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Personalized reminders
  • Cardio fitness levels
  • Sleep tracking and stages
  • many, many more

Is this The Best Smart Watch For Women?

Before answering this question lets take a look at the Pros and Cons.Best Smart Watch For Women


  • Battery lasts 4 plus days
  • swim proof up to 50 meters and tracks swims
  • tracks a lot of activities for a smart watch
    • swimming, running, biking, intervals
  • Female health monitoring
  • Goals, milestones and challenges
  • Onscreen workouts
  • very lightweight and great looking


  • No internal GPS (just connected GPS, meaning you need a smartphone nearby)
  • set up learning curve (but Fitbit has a great tutorials and support page)

So, to answer the question above, unless you are in dire need of internal GPS, yes, we believe the Fitbit Versa is the best smart watch for women. It is extremely lightweight and looks very nice. Plus, the selection of available bands is absolutely incredible.


All things being considered, the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch definitely has the best of both worlds when it comes to a device that monitors your health and well-being in addition to having the features of a great watch as well.

This device is also a great contender to the very popular Apple Watch 3 that is almost double the price from all retailers including Amazon. Check the Price On Amazon

The Fitbit Versa is jammed packed with features that include total health and fitness monitoring as well as a fully functional Smart Watch. The selection of bands available is also amazing and is very lightweight and comfortable.

It is also the type of device that a woman would have no problem wearing while going out to dinner or any other event for that matter.

There are over 4200 reviews of this product on Amazon alone and over 53% of those reviews are 5 star ratings. This is a well liked device and owners of other watches who have also purchased this one, state that this is a great value.

In regard to connected GPS verses built in GPS discussed above. It was mentioned that Fitbit’s first Smart Watch, the Ionic, have built in GPS. This means that you can track GPS directly from your watch. The Versa has connected GPS, which means that you will need to be connected with your phone’s GPS in order to track GPS. They work with the sensors on your nearby phone to track GPS data.

So, if you are OK with not having GPS data accessible directly from your watch, then the Fitbit Versa is the Smart Watch that you want to get. Especially from a woman’s perspective. It is simply a gorgeous smart watch packed with amazing fitness features.

Based on this review, Fit Watches For Women highly recommend the Fitbit Versa as the best smart watch for women.

If, for some reason you are not interested in the features of a smart watch, you may want to go with a fitness tracker. Our top recommendation for a fitness tracker, that does tell time, is the Fitbit Charge 2. You can check out our review of that here. 

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch






Overall Quality



  • Battery lasts 4 plus days
  • swim proof up to 50 meters
  • Tracks swimming, running, biking, intervals
  • Female health monitoring
  • Goals, milestones and challenges
  • Onscreen workouts
  • very lightweight and great looking


  • No internal GPS
  • set up learning curve

28 thoughts on “The Fitbit Versa Smart Watch – The Best Smart Watch For Women?”

  1. Fitbit Versa watch another wonderful thing a woman can own. Thank you for providing relevant features of this watch, I am highly impressed by the GPS feature that makes it connect to smart phones.

    I will also love to know the price and compare and contrast it to any similar product available and if no similar product I believe every woman should own this

    • Thank you for visiting my site. To answer your question, the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch is now on sale for $175. It has been compared to The Apple Watch 3 which is currently $309. I really think the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch is a much better value

  2. Thank you for this amazing review on this watch this review is not just only for women that are trying to get a watch but for men also that are looking for good gifts for their wife or girlfriend. Thank you for giving me a great idea for what to get my wife for valentines day. Very informative A++ 

  3. The Fitbit Versa smart watch seems to be a very good match for women for their workouts. I like the fact it has a 4 day plus battery life and can hold so many songs on it, which is ideal for the gym! 

    I would buy this watch for my sister as she is always in the gym. She would find it very useful to record her workouts on her watch. 

    • Thank you Darren! Yes, the 4 day plus battery life is a big plus in my book as well and the amount of songs it can hold it awesome!

  4. Hello Julie,

    Thanks for sharing an awesome review on the Fitbit Versa.  I think this will be a great gift to my wife.  This is indeed a watch for women with great features.  Where else can you find a very reliable smart watch that is not overpriced and packed with a lot of functions and customizes to your needs.

    The you tube video show you clearly that this is clearly the best watch for women.  Its does look user friendly and easy to use for daily busy routine with reminders.  The Fitbit Versa is as intuitive as it is meant to be for women.

    • Thanks Francis for the feedback. Yes, the Fitbit Versa is very intuitive and extremely user friendly. I especially like the Fitbit app as well. 

  5. Thanks a lot, Julie for sharing a review about this watch. My wife is a fitness person and she likes to run and exercise early in the morning. February is here and our anniversary is knocking at the door. This watch would suit her very well and the pink color is her favorite. Definitely worth the money.

    • Thanks Daniel for stopping by my website. Yes, this would certainly make a good gift for your wife. Happy anniversary by the way. My anniversary is also coming up. Plus, Valentines day is right around the corner!

  6. Thank you for your comprehensive, unbiased review of the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch. I really love the look of it and the features it has, especially that it can hold more than 300 of my favorite music and that it is water proof up to 50 meters. You just made it so easy for me to choose my wife anniversary gift, since she has embarked on a fitness journey. Thanks again.

    • You are welcome Ron! Yes, I do also love that it can hold more than 300 songs and that it is waterproof. I originally got the Fitbit Charge 2 and didn’t think I would need the swim-proof feature, but I can see now that it is certainly the way to go. 

  7. This is great product description and fits the life and activities that goes with women and exercise lovers. Very affordable and with great features to monitor activities. It can be used to check and monitor vital sign such as heart rate and blood pressure. Could serve as a motivational tool for workout and track progress. The fitbit versa version is less expensive even though it has all these great features in it. Very economical and not heavy to carry around.

    • Absolutely a great motivational tool for workout and to track your fitness progress. Yes, the Fitbit Versa is packed with features at a great price. Thanks for commenting on my site!

  8. Thank you for sharing this amazing and very functional watch. I  love the fact that it looks nice enough to wear as my everyday watch, also at the drop of a hat, I can quickly switch modes to preset workouts and so much more. Another perk, I don’t need to worry upon waking up the next morning that I forgot to put it on the charger, because I can definitely remember within the four day leeway. This is a good investment at a fair price.


    • Hi Virginia, you are very welcome and thanks for visiting my website. I certainly agree with the good investment aspect. You get a lot of value for your money on this one. 

  9. I actually own one of the older Fitbit Charge watches, and I love it. However, at the time I got it, I was merely looking for a watch with a fitness tracker. While it does push my text messages to me, I do not have the calling feature. 

    After having the Charge for some time now, and realizing that I love it enough to wear it every single day (I did not even wear a watch before), I really do think I would enjoy the upgrade. So thanks for this review.

    Also, I agree with you on the value. For the price, I see no glorious benefit in choosing the Apple over the Fitbit.

    • Hi Chis, yes I actually own and older Fitbit. The Charge 2. I do love it, but I think I am going to up grade as well. I really want the swimproof feature because I am starting to swim alot for exercise and would like to monitor my swimming. 

  10. Going through your review I can’t agree less with you that the fitbit versa smart watch is the best watch any woman can purchase, so many features and I personally like the battery life which can last up to 4 days, it water resistance ability is also amazing, I will check if i can afford it, i guess this will be the best birthday gift for my aunt. 

  11. This Fitbit smart watch certainly does look like a great product to monitor your fitness. And it looks good too!

    When you say that it can connect with smartphones, does that also include iPhones, as that is the phone which I have. Is that connection the way in which you can text etc from the watch?

    I certainly like the price tag as opposed to the Apple smart watch, and also the long battery life and of course the fact that you can go swimming whilst you are wearing it.

    Thank you so much for your really informative post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chirssie, thanks for the feedback. Yes the Fitbit Smart watch does connect with iphones. In fact, the Fitbit Versa pulls its information from the Fitbit app on iOS, Android, or Windows, while the Apple Watch requires an IPhone 5s or newer. So, there is certainly more flexibiity with the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch for sure. 

  12. Thank you for sharing this great review about this versa Fitbit. I’m glad I came across your article I been looking for a smart watch for my wife as she want to track her swimming and versa Fitbit looks to be the right fit for her and I olso like the battery lasting time, since most of the times she forget to charge her devices. And for the price are really good watch.

    • Yes the 4+ day battery life is a big plus. Most Smart Watches have 2 days at the most. Even the Apple watch has a much shorter battery life and it’s twice the price!

  13. Great post and good info.

    Ive heard about this before and I like the reviews and comments about it. 

    I think this is perfect for my wife, she goes to swim a lot, and she had something similar but guess what, not totally waterproof! 

    I will show her this fit it, and I’m pretty sure she wil’ be happy. 

    So, thanks à lot for sharing it! 

    • You’re quite welcom Emmanuel! Yes the waterproof feature is awesome. When I purchased my Fitbit Charge 2 I didn’t think I would need that feature, but now I find I want to monitor my swimming. Time to buy another fitness watch! lol

  14. Julie I can really see that the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch is the best of both worlds as an in depth fitness tracker along with having all the features of your advanced smartwatch.

    The GPS tracking seems like the only feature it doesn’t have integrated but that is fixed by using your phone. Happy to see it’s also on sale. Thanks for the excellent genuine review.

    This watch definitely looks like a winner on just about all fronts.

    – Jay S.

    • Thanks Jay! Yes it is nice to see this watch on sale. The price point was already good and this sale makes it even more of a great choice. Plus it looks nice on the wrist. 


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