Best Detox Tea For Weight Loss – Green, Black or Red?

Best Detox Tea For Weight Loss

As a cardiac nurse, I am always looking for healthy and safe weight loss ideas and am not a real fan of crash diet programs. They are not good for your heart and many of them are not sustainable.

It has been known for years now that detox tea plays a role in weight loss. But, the question is, what is the best detox tea for weight loss?

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Of course, if you are over weight or just need to lose a few pounds, detoxifying your body is always a good idea, especially if a natural and healthy approach is practiced.

Detox Tea and Weight Loss

A common misconception amongst dieters is not taking into account what they drink. Many of them focus on what they eat and not necessarily what they drink. The truth is the liquids that you consume can have just as big of an impact gaining weight and negatively affecting your overall health as the foods you consume.

Of course, for people who are serious about losing weight, it is no surprise that soda and alcohol are not that great for your weight loss efforts, but what about black tea and green tea?

Are they a good detox tea and are they good for weight loss – or do they actually cause weight gain?

The answer may be surprising. As many people think that, particularly green tea, can help you lose those unwanted pounds. But, this may not actually be the case.

Studies Indicate that Green Tea Has No Affect On Weight Loss.

best detox tea for weight lossOne such study is published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009. It found that extract of green tea did not affect the metabolic resting rate of normal weight men. 12 of them to be exact.

Also, another review, known as the Cochrane Review of green tea research revealed that green tea led to only a small, insignificant weight loss in obese or overweight adults. This same review also indicated that regular consumption of green tea did not help to keep weight off in people.

In addition to all of this, the problem could also be compounded if you are putting sugar into your green tea as well. This can certainly be a source of extra calories that many people do not account for.

Many experts agree that people who are frequent green tea drinkers may also consume as much as 300 calories or more a day from just sugar.

What About Black Tea?

best detox tea for weight loss_black tea

OK, so is black tea a good detox tea for weight loss?

Most people do not realize that black tea is actually just green tea that is burnt, and is loaded with caffeine, just like regular green tea. Drinking too much caffeine can cause heart palpitations, vomiting, nausea and, as many of us know, gives us the “jitters”.

Even decaffeinated black or green tea destroys most of the natural ingredients that are supposed to give us benefits. It makes more sense to drink a type of tea that contains no caffeine in a natural way. Yes, like the type of tea that I am about to reveal to you.

There is another problem with black tea and that is that it is often consumed with milk, which slows down the absorption of antioxidants and polyphenois. Even skim milk slows this same process down at a larger extent than whole milk (Slim milk is not natural, by the way).

So, this all being said, if green and black tea are not ideal, then…, .

What Is The Best Detox Tea For Weight Loss?

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